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Initiation at Stonehenge

At dawn on Sunday February 26th  IOD held an initiation ritual at Stonehenge.

Although the government were adamant that no druids or worshippers of any kind were to be allowed near the stones at the solsices or other holy days, it was a little-known fact that English Heritage would allow small groups of worshippers to pay for access to the stones outside of tourist hours. Each of us paid about twelve quid, and we were allowed there between 6:45 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. It was made clear that we must be gone before 9 a.m.

IOD Arch-Druid Dylan Ap Thuin brought seven of his druids to be initiated, and five druids from other orders performed the initiation, including King Arthur, Rollo Maughling of  The Glastonbury Order Of Druids, Carloyn Wise and Steve Wilson of The Fellowship Of Isis and John Merrin of The Druid Clan Of Dana. There were thirteen of us in all.

The seven initiates met in the car park in darkness. Besides myself we were Nick Branson and Sonja, Dave Harris, Roger Palmer, Orc and Phil. Our eyes were blindfolded and our hands were bound. Over the long hour that it took for the sky to lighten we were led very slowly by the initiating druids out of the car park and through the tunnel under the road. As we approached the stone entrance to the circle we were all stopped by the initiating druids. Each of us was questioned according to the ritual and gave the replies we had learned in our preparation. As we entered the circle our bonds were removed but not our blindfolds.

At the moment the sun rose and shone its light across the Salisbury Plain, through the stone arches and into the circle we were turned to face it and our blindfolds were removed. It had been a bitterly cold night in February but the sky was clear and the rising sun was the first thing we saw and felt as druids. Each of us was then asked for the name that we chose to use in our new life as druids, and I answered "Lugodoc".

Lugh was the sun-god of the ancient Irish celts.

The moment was captured for posterity in the photograph below.

1995 Stonehenge IOD initiation

From left to right: Sonja (IOD initiate), Nick Branson (IOD initiate), John Merrin of The Druid Clan Of Dana, Dave Harris (IOD initiate), Phil (IOD initiate), Lugodoc (IOD initiate), Dylan Ap Thuin (IOD Arch-Druid), Roger Palmer (IOD initiate), Carloyn Wise and Steve Wilson of The Fellowship Of Isis, King Arthur, Rollo Maughling of  The Glastonbury Order Of Druids, Orc (IOD initiate and LAW).

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